Pure Waste: A circular textile economy requires open-mindedness and cooperation

Pure Waste is a forerunner of the Finnish textile recycling industry. They only use recycled materials in their products. Pure Waste’s operations are based on recovering and recycling surplus materials from the textile industry. Pure Waste aspires to use more household end-of-life textiles as a raw material in the future.

Pure Waste and Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto (LSJH) have cooperated for several years in projects related to the use of end-of-life textiles. They have experimented widely with solutions aimed at processing the end-of-life textiles into yarn and fabric.

‘Our cooperation is based on the excellent development work done in Finland. We have sat at the same table, for example, in Telaketju projects and together have sought solutions to the end-of-life textiles problem. It seemed natural to continue our joint development’, said Jukka Pesola, a founding partner of Pure Waste.

In Europe in particular, households’ end-of-life textiles pollute the environment more than the textile industry’s waste streams, because there is hardly any textile industry left here. 

‘When looking at the textile industry’s environmental impact, industrial waste streams are a major problem. However, households’ end-of-life textiles are an even bigger and more concrete problem here in Europe. We have the will to make use of end-of-life textiles and we have been working to make it possible from the beginning’, said Pesola.

Cooperation with LSJH has been smooth, natural, and educational. Both parties had various assumptions about using end-of-life textiles – some of the assumptions were valid – but they have also gained new insights. 

‘We continue learning. These processes are never ready and in the future, we will certainly be able to take the process further’, Pesola continued.

Pesola wants to emphasise how great it is to work with a partner towards a common goal and to tackle problems together. He says that the development work has required audacity and suitable partners. 

‘It is great to have such big municipal operators as partners for these developments’, Pesola said.

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