Infinited Fiber Company to use recycled textiles processed by LSJH in its future flagship factory

Infinited Fiber Company’s regenerated Infinna™ fibre is manufactured using households’ end-of-life textiles collected by Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto (LSJH), a waste management company operating in Southwest Finland. The main raw materials for the new fibres are cellulose-based textiles, such as cotton. The demand is already high. For example, the clothing brand Patagonia recently announced it would start using Infinna in its products. To begin the commercial-scale production of the fibre, Infinited Fiber Company is currently looking for a location for its flagship factory in Finland.

Infinited Fiber Company is a textile technology company that has operated since 2016. Its success is the result of many years perseverance and bold experiments.

‘We have developed our technology and end products in quite a few pilot projects over the past years. In early 2020, we tested the suitability of discarded households’ textiles collected by LSJH as a raw material for Infinna. The results were so promising, that we decided to start sourcing our raw material from LSJH’, said Sakari Siren, CTO at Infinited Fiber Company.

The demand is high for Infinited Fiber Company’s new fibre. For example, a major international clothing brand, Patagonia, recently signed a multi-year purchasing deal for Infinna with the company. As a result, cellulose-based end-of-life textiles collected and processes by LSJH may become a raw material in Patagonia’s future products.

Consumers have a big role in influencing the choices textiles brands make.

‘In addition to Patagonia, many other international brands are committed to using our fibre as a material in their future products. It is great to see that so many companies are listening to their customers when it comes to circularity, and that they see our regenerated textile fibre Infinna as a relevant material in their future collections’, said Laura Vinha, Communications Director at Infinited Fiber Company.

Infinited Fiber Company is currently looking for a flagship factory location in Finland

Infinited Fiber Company is now preparing to build a flagship factory. The factory is expected to produce around 30,000 tonnes of Infinna fibre per year. The factory will use up to 100 tonnes of raw material per day. About one-third of the flagship factory’s raw material is estimated to come from Finland, and the rest will be sourced from abroad.

The company’s core strategy, however, is technology licensing. This enables other fiber producers to manufacture Infinna to help the regenerated fiber become a mainstream material in textiles in the future.

‘Economies of scale in the manufacturing of textile fibres matters. Large-scale production will enable a more extensive transition of the industry from a linear economy to a circular economy, as we will be able to offer our fibres to even more companies’, said Siren.

The LSJH’s collection and sorting of end-of-life textiles is endorsed by Infinited Fiber Company’s experts. According to Siren, in Southwest Finland there is substantial expertise in end-of-life textiles and circular economy.

‘Infinited Fiber Company and LSJH’s joint trials have been extremely successful and led to continued cooperation. After the initial experiments with post-consumer textiles, we have also utilised LSJH’s optical scanner material library, developed for the identification of textile fibres. We have a high level of respect and appreciation for LSJH’s expertise, which enables us to focus on our core business, which is the production and development of the technology for producing Infinna fibre.’

Photos by Infinited Fiber Company

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